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Doctors Of Physical Therapy


Doctors of Physical Therapy

Balanced Physical Therapy first started helping people recover in Mount Clemens, Michigan, in July of 2020. Our owners, Dr. Robert Litzenburg and Dr. Tori Gasperoni, believed in providing therapy treatments to the best of their abilities which meant working to raise the standards of patient care.

Meet the husband and wife physical therapy team that chose to steer away from corporate physical therapy practices and why their patients are better off because of it.

Say goodbye to crowded clinics, double/triple bookings, and working with assistants or techs. Maximize your recovery with our private, one-on-one approach to physical therapy!


1-on-1 Physical Therapy

Our owners, Dr. Robert Litzenburg and Dr. Vittoria Gasperoni chose to open their practice because they saw a massive problem with the way patients were cared for across Michigan and the United States. Injured people who required professional, undivided attention were being passed around between different therapists or techs. Oftentimes, a patient would only get about 10 minutes of actual treatment from a licensed professional.

While corporate therapy clinics push to maximize revenue by double or triple booking patients, our practice is committed to working with each person individually under licensed and certified Doctor of Physical Therapy supervision. Our patients enjoy being seen by the same therapist who knows every detail about their recovery, health history, and health goals. They trust us to keep them safe and do what is right throughout every treatment session.

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Patient Reviews

  • Oh, where to begin expressing what a difference Dr. Tori & Dr. Rob have made in my son's and my life! My son see's Dr. Rob for a foot injury. Rob is always very personable, well-read on the latest techniques, and cares about my son as a person, not just a patient. I work with Tori as a personal trainer, but I have also used her for PT on a recurring knee-injury. She is very dedicated, focused on my progression and outcomes, creates individualized sessions and always listens to my concerns. Both Rob and Tori work with you one-on-one. It is never a group session. I admire both of them for their professionalism and expertise! And...the "therapy dogs" are pretty darn cute too!

    Carrie Kaminski Avatar Carrie Kaminski
    February 7, 2023
  • Two of the most helpful, professional, and caring physical therapists I have worked with. I've been to others, and say with confidence and gratitude that the experience at Balanced PT is like no other. The individualized care and planning for correcting your injuries/ailments is far better than you will get anywhere else. Furthermore, they go above and beyond in their approach by taking into account your lifestyle, goals, and other factors when developing the best approach to getting you healthy and living the best quality of life possible. I would highly recommend them both for your care.

    Vincent S Avatar Vincent S
    February 1, 2023
  • 5/5 Because Robbie offers me coffee and bagels... Jokes aside I have been seeing Tori for a lower back/hip issue and with work also found other deficits I had due to the injury and other health conditions. Tori and Robbie both understand that the PT/recovery process is not a one size fits all and that conditions could be feeling good one minute and the next they could be a little more agitated. They both take the time to listen to their patients and their concerns/goals for the PT and their recovery process. When applicable they also make sure to educate and inform patients with tools to help keep conditions at bay versus telling you to not do an activity...unless as Tori would say puts you over a 2 on the pain scale or makes things worse. Also the fact that it is 1:1 versus having "techs" who might be overworked with other patients or just really not care about your form. When you aren't moving right they will give you cues or wait until your done and doing the proper "right wrong right" coaching approach too. The main thing about these two is the genuinely do care about their patients and getting them back into their feet and back into their lifestyles. Even if cases you worked on start to trickle back up they don't have an issue seeing if it is something you need to resolve back with therapy or if you can catch it off with some at home work. This is probably the biggest reason why I highly recommend balanced Physical Therapy to those with PT needs.

    Martin Szeljack Avatar Martin Szeljack
    December 20, 2022
  • Doctors Tori & Robert are the best! I've been coming to Balanced Physical Therapy for only a short time and already exceeded my expectations for my recovery.

    Jay Neal Avatar Jay Neal
    November 20, 2022
  • First let me say if we could put 100 yellow stars, I would. I had surgery for a broken femur July 7th, and I am on week 13 of post-surgery. I have been working with Tori for about the last 10 weeks (twice a week). I can't even begin to say how thankful & appreciative that I have her as my Physical Therapist. I get emotional just writing this. I was originally told how long it probably would take to fully recover from the surgeon, and I was devastated to hear his response. Balanced Physical Therapy (Rob & Tori) were recommended, and we went for it. She pushes you in such a positive way, that will definitely challenge you at times (every time I left sweaty), but she knows what the H-E-double hockey sticks, she is doing. I started by arriving with a walker, my first few sessions, until we retired that to a cane; and now, no assistance (last time I used one was a little over 3-4 weeks ago). I feel somewhat normal again, and ready to get back to some of my activities I was doing before the accident. I could go on forever how amazing this place is! Oh and it's always great seeing Frank & Loki as well 🙂

    John Brast Avatar John Brast
    October 11, 2022

Our Services

Skilled Outpatient Treatments

Balanced Physical Therapy specializes in orthopedic injuries, surgery recovery, and balance deficit conditions. Providing outpatient rehabilitation for pre/post orthopedic surgeries, athletes, injured workers, auto accident victims, and many others with musculoskeletal pains.


Sports Medicine & Strength Training

We help athletes of all levels improve their overall performance, prevent injuries, and assist with nutrition and training.


Pain Management

Combine exercise, massage, and therapeutic modalities to decrease pain and improve your quality of life. Our therapists help educate you about your biology and physiology related to your pain.


Balance Training

Improve stability though a series of function balance exercises. Our therapists help geriatric patients to minimize fall risks as well as patients suffering from vestibular ailments such as vertigo.


Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a safe and effective treatment technique to alleviate pain and muscular restriction.


Massage Therapy

A universal favorite among our patients, this hands on therapy perfectly compliments most rehabilitation programs.


Worker's Comp Rehab

We support injured workers by providing comprehensive care from the moment an accident occurs.

Dry Needling Treatments

Physical Therapy Treatments

Dry Needling: Treating Pain and Movement Impairments

Dry needling is a safe and minimally invasive treatment used to help patients with neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments.

Dry Needling can be beneficial for conditions such as:
-Acute and Chronic Tendonitis
-Athletic Overuse Injuries
-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
-Frozen Shoulder
-Muscle Spasms
-Whiplash from auto accidents
-Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
-IT Band Syndrome
-Sciatic pain
-Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow
-Neck and lower back pain

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