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Balanced Physical Therapy first started helping people recover in Mount Clemens, Michigan, in July of 2020. Our owners, Robert Litzenburg and Tori Gasperoni, believed in providing therapy treatments to the best of their abilities which meant working to raise the standards of patient care. Meet the husband and wife physical therapy team that have gotten so many people out of pain and back to living a happy, quality life.


1-on-1 Physical Therapy

Our owners, Dr. Robert Litzenburg and Dr. Vittoria Gasperoni chose to open their practice because they saw a massive problem with the way patients were cared for across Michigan and the United States. Injured people who required professional, undivided attention were being passed around between different therapists or techs. Oftentimes, a patient would only get about 10 minutes of actual treatment from a licensed professional.

While corporate therapy clinics push to maximize revenue by double or triple booking patients, our practice is committed to working with each person individually under licensed and certified Doctor of Physical Therapy supervision. Our patients enjoy being seen by the same therapist who knows every detail about their recovery, health history, and health goals. They trust us to keep them safe and do what is right throughout every treatment session.

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Patient Reviews

  • 5 star review  I went to Balanced Physical Therapy for a hamstring injury I got from playing soccer. Tori really helped me get my strength back to be able to play confidently again. I would highly recommend this place for anyone needing PT. They are very knowledgeable and provide clear instructions on exercises in appointments and what you can do on your own to strengthen your muscles.

    thumb Justin von der hoff
  • 5 star review  I’ve been going to Balance Physical Therapy for about 4 weeks now and love it. Both Tori and Robbie are great at what they do. The one on one treatment is exactly what I was looking for and I’ve seen so much improvement. I appreciate all the help I’ve received from them thank you so much! I highly recommend this place that needs that extra help in there daily struggles.

    thumb Matthew Nanosh
  • 5 star review  Rob and Tori have helped with my ongoing recovery from a motorcycle accident. Their services are second to none. Always a very welcoming environment and friendly experience. I would highly recommend their services and expertise as they are very skilled and knowledgeable.

    thumb 430TThompson
  • 5 star review  I would highly recommend Balanced PT! I started going there for low back and hip pain after my initial consult elsewhere made me very uncomfortable and immediately I knew I made the right choice. Rob was very accommodating and saw me right away. He treats me like a person and not just a patient, listens to me and addresses my concerns. I feel like the exercises are not just from a generic playbook but designed for my individual needs and strengthening my core. I have been in pain every day for over 3 months and after just a few visits it is gone which really impressed me! The office is very friendly and welcoming, especially Frank & Loki, their dogs, who greet me each time and I love bringing them treats. I am so happy I made the choice to do my PT here, they get results and I am grateful to be pain free for the 1st time in awhile!

    thumb Celeste Dagley
  • 5 star review  I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a good physical therapy clinic! Tori has always helped me return to my normal self after working with her to figure out exercises that work for me. Her and Rob are very kind and amazing at what they do!

    thumb Gina Vitale

Our Services

Skilled Outpatient Treatments

Balanced Physical Therapy specializes in orthopedic injuries, surgery recovery, and balance deficit conditions. Providing outpatient rehabilitation for pre/post orthopedic surgeries, athletes, injured workers, auto accident victims, and many others with musculoskeletal pains.


Sports Medicine & Strength Training

We help athletes of all levels improve their overall performance, prevent injuries, and assist with nutrition and training.


Pain Management

Combine exercise, massage, and therapeutic modalities to decrease pain and improve your quality of life. Our therapists help educate you about your biology and physiology related to your pain.


Balance Training

Improve stability though a series of function balance exercises. Our therapists help geriatric patients to minimize fall risks as well as patients suffering from vestibular ailments such as vertigo.


Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a safe and effective treatment technique to alleviate pain and muscular restriction.


Massage Therapy

A universal favorite among our patients, this hands on therapy perfectly compliments most rehabilitation programs.


Worker's Comp Rehab

We support injured workers by providing comprehensive care from the moment an accident occurs.

Mount Clemens Physical Therapy

Health and Safety

Covid Safety Hours

In addition to the standards set by the CDC, Balanced Physical Therapy also offers limited contact appointment times. These covid safety hours are reserved for anyone who is considered high risk or requires limited contact.

Limited traffic appointments are available Monday through Saturday for mornings and afternoons.

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